President's Message


Presidents Message
Without each of you and your dedication to our community, we would not be where we are today – A Strong, Vibrant, Dedicated Organization meeting the Workforce Needs of NELA!
Kristin WolkartFormer NOVA Board President

Letter from the former NOVA Board President:

As I reflect over the 6 years I have had the privilege of being on the NOVA Board, I am amazed at the growth and innovations that have taken place.  Even through the unprecedented time of the pandemic, the team at NOVA continued the mission of providing essential skills and services to the residents of Northeast Louisiana so they can secure living-wage employment.  Each year that I have been privileged to serve, NOVA has embraced new opportunities for growth.  In the last few years, NOVA has embarked on additional training programs like the Financial Opportunity Center, Digital Navigation Services, and educational programs with Louisiana Delta Community College, on top of the traditional workforce training programs.

The team has continued to grow and adapt to meet the ever-changing workforce needs in NELA.  Through collaboration, dedication, and a team that never says no, hundreds of community members have received the training, education, and support needed to gain new skills and connect with local employers for placement in jobs.  How better to improve your community than to provide a mechanism for those wanting to work to match with those that have job openings?  As the leader of one of the largest employers in the community, the value NOVA brings to us is immeasurable.  When we have hard-to-fill openings, one phone call can usually send qualified applicants our way for interviews.  If no one is on the list of candidates with NOVA, the team will work with us to understand the training required to find qualified candidates.  Often this leads to people in our community getting additional training and support, and my organization getting matched with a wonderful candidate. I can’t think of any better mission to support!

In closing, I want to thank the entire team at NOVA, as well as the volunteer board members.  Without each of you and your dedication to our community, we would not be where we are today – A Strong, Vibrant, Dedicated Organization meeting the Workforce Needs of NELA!

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"Gardner Denver has had great success with the NOVA program - the candidates we've hired are committed to hard work, to self-improvement, and to the success of our team. We strongly support the mission and intent of NOVA, and it will remain for us a preferred program to depend on for entry-level opportunities to join our team."
Mark IngramDirector, Operations North America Gardner Denver Thomas
"Being an employer who has been in the paper and plastic industries for some 40+ years, I have been concerned about the lack of a skilled workforce in the area of manufacturing in our community. NOVA is an organization that has made great strides in taking individuals who for whatever reason have taken the wrong path in life and need someone to give them guidance and vision in becoming a contributing source in the general workplace."
Bill KightPresident Euroboard Inc.