Financial Opportinuty Center


Financial Opportunity Center

Designed to help you with navigating and managing your financial life.

NOVA now has a new Financial Opportunity Center to offer financial and employment coaching to Northeast Louisi­ana residents
NOVA Workforce Institute of NELA (NOVA), in partnership with national community develop­ment partner, Rural Local Initia­tives Support Corporation (LISC), announces the grand opening of a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) to serve the residents of Northeast Louisiana.

FOC Model

NOVA has been working with Rural LISC to implement the FOC model to begin offering tailored services designed to help center participants secure living-wage jobs, build credit, reduce debt, and gain wealth.

FOC’s focus is on the financial bottom line for low-to-moderate-income individuals. They provide families with services across three areas: employment services, financial education and coaching, and public benefits access.

The new FOC has a goal...

To col­lectively support more than 50 individuals and families in the first year with customized financial stability action plans.

The FOC model serves 30,000 individu­als and families annually through Rural LISC’s more than 100 FOCs oper­ating across the country.

The core services are offered through an integrated, data-driven model in order to reinforce one another and to provide a multi-faceted approach to income and wealth building. Data has shown that clients receiving this integrated approach through the FOC mod­el are more likely to increase net income, reduce non-asset-related debt, build a positive credit histo­ry, and increase their overall net worth.

NOVA’s Financial Opportunity Center coaches are located across NOVA’s service area in Monroe, LA.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (318) 855-1923 or

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"Gardner Denver has had great success with the NOVA program - the candidates we've hired are committed to hard work, to self-improvement, and to the success of our team. We strongly support the mission and intent of NOVA, and it will remain for us a preferred program to depend on for entry-level opportunities to join our team."
Mark IngramDirector, Operations North America Gardner Denver Thomas
"As an employer who has been in the paper and plastic industries for some 40+ years. I, along with many other employers, have been concerned about the lack of a skilled workforce in the area of manufacturing in our community. NOVA is an organization that has made great strides in taking individuals who for whatever reason have taken the wrong path in life and need someone to give them guidance and vision in becoming a contributing source in the general workplace."
Bill KightPresident Euroboard Inc.