Corporate Partnership

Support NOVA
At NOVA, we’re happy to accept donations from your business or corporation.
You can be an incredible and vital part of this movement as we strive to raise awareness and funds for the support and education of our community.

We are grateful for any contributions given on behalf of your company. Your donation can help raise our community’s awareness of your employees, clients, and more.

Your donation also helps your community realize the importance of NOVA’s cause. Donations to NOVA will also help the community view your company as a charitable and selfless organization, ultimately resulting in the education and re-training of our community.

We promise to use donations solely for the purpose of funding the research educational programs.

You can easily make a donation by choosing the option below. There are four options, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. We are extremely grateful for each and every contribution that is made, whether it is the Bronze or the Platinum.

We want you to understand that each donation is greatly appreciated – you can make a difference in a person’s life today. Choose the option below to continue.

Let’s move forward together!

Moving Ahead with the right support