Digital Navigation


What is a Digital Navigator?

As more of our daily activi­ties move online, reliable & affordable home broadband in­ternet connection, an appropri­ate device, and the skills to use them are essential.

A Digital Navigator assess­es client access to technology and baseline digital skills and advises clients on free or af­fordable home internet service options and sources of afford­able computers or other inter­net-connected devices, helping clients more fully participate in their communities, the econo­my, and society in the short and long-term.

NOVA, in partnership with Rural LISC

Is building a target­ed approach to closing the dig­ital divide in the places most in need.

Be at the forefront of the inNOVAtion

Your goals are individual. We believe career advice should be too, so we help your career thrive in this work environment.
"Gardner Denver has had great success with the NOVA program - the candidates we've hired are committed to hard work, to self-improvement, and to the success of our team. We strongly support the mission and intent of NOVA, and it will remain for us a preferred program to depend on for entry-level opportunities to join our team."
Mark IngramDirector, Operations North America Gardner Denver Thomas
"As an employer who has been in the paper and plastic industries for some 40+ years. I, along with many other employers, have been concerned about the lack of a skilled workforce in the area of manufacturing in our community. NOVA is an organization that has made great strides in taking individuals who for whatever reason have taken the wrong path in life and need someone to give them guidance and vision in becoming a contributing source in the general workplace."
Bill KightPresident Euroboard Inc.