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Tremel Cleveland Script

The NOVA program has given me an opportunity to truly discover what path I wanted to take both professionally and personally.  It helped me gain the maturity needed to be successful.  I am now on a career path that will give me the flexibility to reach my fullest potential.

Thank you NOVA for being a catalyst for my success!




You don’t think about losing a job until your job is gone. You always think this can’t happen to me especially when you work for a company that you think is SOLID and SECURE.  Well, let me the first to tell you!! I can happen. I was laid off from work after 4 years of working for TOY R Us.


Once the realization of what had occurred. The anxiety set in. I was at a crossroads of …………… Where do I go from here?

And Sherry introduced me to NOVA. That was one of the Best Breaks and Opportunities, I could have ever gotten….


The laid-off happened at the precise time that NOVA was gearing up to start an Essential Skills/ Career Readiness class. It was PERFECT for me because while I was ready to get right back out there, this Pause in MY LIFE gave me an opportunity to think about what I really wanted to do and brush up on my employment skills, like resume writing, new interview techniques and get a better idea of what the demand occupations were and who was hiring.


NOVA introduced me to Gardner Denver Thomas. I didn’t know them and I had no idea what they did. However, through my research, I soon found out they were a Premiere Manufacturing company. I started off as a full-time temporary. Through hard work, persistence, and perseverance I am now a full-time employee with EXCELLENT BENEFITS ….. Thank You NOVA for this OPPORTUNITY..


Since becoming employed by Gardner Denver Thomas, my life has changed dramatically. I have paid vacations, excellent benefits, a great Retirement plan, and promotional opportunities. It is a place that affords you the opportunity to raise a family and retire. The sky is the limit.


I am Tremel Cleveland and I am a NOVA graduate


Monroe, LA
Gardner Denver